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Various Motors

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Motor type

In this article, we will briefly explain the main motors.

DC brushed motor

DC brushed motor

It is a motor that is generally familiar because it is often used in toys and models. DC means that it works with a DC power supply. A brush is a part that sends an electric current to a rotor.
While DC motors have the advantage of stabilizing rotational characteristics, they are slightly inferior in terms of durability. That's because the brush is physically worn. If the brush wears, it will eventually not be able to draw current through the rotor.

DC brushless motor

DC brushless motor

As the name implies, a DC brushless motor is a DC motor that does not have a brush. The lack of a brush also eliminates the problem of brush wear. Therefore, DC brushless motors have an advantage over DC brushed motors in terms of durability. However, there is a cost disadvantage because it requires control by an electronic circuit called a driver.

Stepping motor


When we think of motor movement, we tend to think of it as a movement that rotates 360 degrees, but stepping motors do not, and they have the advantage of moving at smaller angles. Stepping motors realize fine control of the angle and rotation speed by synchronizing with the pulse signal. It is strong in fields that require fine position control, but has weaknesses in terms of efficiency.

AC Motor


AC motors are motors powered by AC power. Due to its simple configuration, it can be manufactured at low cost. It is also excellent in terms of durability, but there is a problem in efficiency.

The types of motors are not limited to the four types introduced here, but are extremely diverse. We hope that you will keep in mind those motors that are used in various applications in various situations around the world.

* The images used in this article are shown as representative examples of motors, and are not the motors currently sold by us.

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