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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

1.Basic Philosophy

Since our establishment in 1952, we at Igarashi have continued our corporate activities with the development, manufacture and sale of small DC motors as our core business.
The motors are indispensable in our social life; in other words, they are used in automobiles, OA equipment, electric power tools, medical equipment, vending machines, etc. Thus, the motors are deeply involved in global natural environment, which is the most important common theme to mankind.
Through our corporate activities, we actively promote the conservation of the environment and teach future generations the importance of coexistence with earth's environment.

2.Basic Policy

  1. (1) To firmly set environmental objectives and goals to improve upon the environmentally influential factors on a continuous basis by understanding the effect of our business activities on the environment.
  2. (2) To strive for the conservation of the environment by complying with the relevant legal legislation and other requirements to the environment.
  3. (3) To efficiently use limited resource and energy by minimizing energy usage, waste products, and recycling.
  4. (4) To prevent the risk of environmental pollution by reducing the amount of stored chemicals and controlling the storage.
  5. (5) To aggressively develop and deliver products that are environmentally friendly and easily reusable.
  6. (6) To prevent global warming, we strive to achieve carbon neutrality. 
  7. (7) To inform the public as well as all employees of this environmental policy.

December 1st, 2023
Igarashi Electric Works Ltd.
President & CEO Keiichi Igarashi

Main Environmental Activities



IGARASHI is working on “4R” Activities for Paper, Waste and Energy.(4R: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

EU ELV, RoHS Directives and REACH

EU ELV, RoHS Directives and REACH

Whole IGARASHI (mainly in Development & Engineering, Sales and Purchasing) divisions are working on compliance with the Directives.
Out of 6 substances (1. Cadmium, 2. Lead, 3. Hexavalent chromium<Cr VI>, 4. Mercury, 5. Polybrominated biphenyls<PBBs>, 6. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers <PBDEs>), IGARASHI has completed to switch especially Hexavalent chromium (in plating), Lead (in solder, materials and parts) and Cadmium (in materials and parts) to alternative ones and now implementing the compliance.
IGARASHI with overseas group companies are positively making efforts to comply with the Directives in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Control of Chemical Substances
Used in Products

Control of Chemical Substances  Used in Products

IGARASHI made own Environmental Loading Substances Survey Sheets as per IMDS (Global Automotive Standard Data Base) and JGPSSI guideline (Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative ), and is now making a database from suppliers’ Chemical Substances information.

Basing on the database, IGARASHI is proceeding with designing new products, and making samples in comforting to ELV,RoHS directives and REACH. And IGARASHI provides customers with information.
IGARASHI is collecting legally required MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from supplies for relative materials and parts, and utilizes them after filing.

Chlorine Organic Solvent

Chlorine Organic Solvent

Complete abolition in IGARASHI domestic companies was achieved in early 2004.
Overseas IGARASHI-group factories also attained nearly all reduction and are now promoting efforts to attain 100%
Our supplies are also promoting efforts to abolish using it.

Green Procurement

Green Procurement

Mainly in Purchasing & General Affairs divisions, IGARASHI purchases Environmentally-Friendly products, fixtures and equipment to implement Green Procurement in order to make products which comply with various Environmental directives and regulations.
IGARASHI holds briefings to Suppliers for Green Procurement.

Activities in Each Division

Activities in Each Division

Whole IGARASHI company and its each division are aggressively working on Environmental Targets of actions.

【Main Environmental Targets in Each Division】

  • Company-wide Environmental Activities (in Paper, Waste, and Energy); ELV/RoHS; REACH; Control on Chemical Substances; Green Procurement.
  • Appeal of Env. Activities, Reports to Customers and Submission of Product Data.
  • Development & Designing of ECP(Environmental Conscious Products).
  • Implementation of Resource Saving by Parts Standardization.
  • Realization of ECP Process.
  • Reduction of Product Wastes.
  • Survey and Control of Environmental Loading Chemical Substances.
  • Efforts on Resource & Energy-Saving by Waste Reduction.
  1. *Above activities are being implemented basing on MBO(Management by Objectives) of Igarashi.

Certification of ISO14001

IG group’s Certification of ISO14001

As of May 2011

  Standard Initial Certification Date Certification Organization
Headquarters ISO14001 February 25, 2003 SGS
Kashiwazaki Factory ISO14001 February 25, 2003 SGS
Igarashi Electric Works
(HK) Ltd.
ISO14001 May 6, 2003 SGS
Igarashi Electric Works (Shenzhen) Ltd. ISO14001 May 6, 2003 SGS
Igarashi Motors India Ltd. ISO14001 November 14, 2005 UL USA
Yat Yue Industrial Co., Ltd. ISO14001 October 8, 2007 CUC


Questions and consultations about motors, etc.

Inquiries about motors.

Recruitment and consultation other than products

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