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Company overview

Exterior of company building

Company’s Profile and Location

inform you about our basic information such as capital and business contents, and access information of each base.

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President & CEO Keiichi Igarashi

Greeting and Company Philosophy

Keiichi Igarashi, President and CEO, has posted a message to all of you and our management philosophy.

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a motor for a wooden toy boat


introduce summarize the history of more than 70 years since the business was started by the founder Eiji Igarashi in 1946.

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CSR images


Introduc the basic principles and policies of the environmental philosophy and the main activities we are working on for the environment.

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Global Network images

Global Network

Information on sales bases and production bases not only in Japan but also in the United States, Germany, China and other parts of the world.

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Questions and consultations about motors, etc.

Inquiries about motors.

Recruitment and consultation other than products

Other Inquiries