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Where are the products used?

IG motors are also
used in such fields.

Our motors are used everywhere such as homes,
vehicles and work sites.


Electronically-controlled throttle valve

Electronically-controlled throttle valve motors images

Automobile engines can be controlled by adjusting air intake by opening and closing throttle valves, controlled by operating the accelerator pedal. Traditionally, throttle valves have been connected to accelerator pedals with wires. Now, however, in order to improve fuel efficiency and produce cleaner exhaust, electronically-controlled throttle valves, which use motors to precisely open and close throttle valves in response to accelerator pedal movement, are widely used. Igarashi Electric Works was an early developer of electronically-controlled throttle valve motors, and has made improvements to its motors in order to ensure that they provide the performance required of them, even under difficult conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, and high levels of vibration. Igarashi Electric Works electronically-controlled throttle valve motors are used not only in four-wheeled vehicles, but also in motorcycles.

Exhaust gas recirculation valve

Exhaust gas recirculation valve motors images

The exhaust gas recirculation valve is a mechanism for returning the exhaust gas to the engine again and improving fuel efficiency while suppressing the amount of exhaust gas emitted. Like the electronically controlled throttle valve (ECV), it is an application that is required to operate without problems even in the harsh environment near the engine, and we are developing it by making use of the technological capabilities cultivated in ECV field.

Power trunk / tailgate

Power trunk / tailgate motors images

As sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) have become more prevalent, there has been an increase in demand for greater convenience, resulting in the growth of power trunks and tailgates. Igarashi Electric Works has taken on the challenge of creating motors with the power to open and close heavy tailgates, yet compact enough to be used within severely limited spaces. We have developed motors that are both compact and high-powered by using high-performance magnets.

Power slide door

Power slide door motors images

Power sliding doors are often used in minivan-type passenger cars. As same as power trunk and tailgate, the motors used in this application are required to achieve both the power required to open and close the door and downsizing so as not to impair comfort. It is also an application that requires quietness so that the door can be opened and closed quietly.

Air pump for catalytic converter

Air pump motors images for catalytic converter

Catalytic converters are used to completely burn hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide contained in automobile exhaust gas. A motor is used for the pump that takes in air there.
Since it is installed very close to the exhaust pipe, the conditions of the usage environment are very strict, but we provide motors that meet those requirements.

Lumber support

Lumber support motors images

Lumber support may not be so familiar. This is for stabilizing the posture of the driver when sitting in the driver's seat and relieving fatigue. It is built into the backrest (where the waist hits) of the seat.

Seat tilt adjuster

Seat tilt adjuster motors images

The seat tilt adjuster is a function that adjusts the inclination of the seat surface. The seat surface is adjusted to a position suitable for the driver to make it easier to drive.

The use of motors in seats is increasing. Motors used in the seats, which are the closest to people in automobiles, are required to be quieter, more stable, and smaller than other applications.

Home appliances

Vacuum cleaner power brush

Vacuum cleaner power brush motors images

Vacuum cleaner power brushes increasingly becoming fixtures in medium- and high-end vacuum cleaners. Power brushes — nozzle brushes rotated by a motor — are essential for carpet cleaning. Power brushes rotate at high speeds within the confined space of a nozzle, requiring an exceptional amount of performance from the motors that drive them. In order to control the heat generation created by high speed rotation, while maintaining a compact size, which normally further compounds heating issues, we have developed and supply motors optimized for use in power brushes, made by optimizing the number of motor windings and poles, and by using high performance magnets.

Electric power tools

Electric tools motors images

Power tools are used in DIY. They have come to be used at home not only professional. For power tools used in your home, motor is required optimal design so that it can exert sufficient performance even as it was lightweight and compact.

Washing machine bath water pump

Washing machine bath water pump motors images

The bath water pump is used when the remaining hot water in the bath is used for washing. Since it is used in water for this purpose, it needs to be waterproof. It is also an application that requires high output to pump a large amount of water in a short time.

Coffee maker

Coffee maker motors images

Coffee makers used at home require the optimum design of the motor so that it can perform sufficiently even if it is lightweight and compact.

Industrial equipment

Revolving light

Revolving light motors images

Rotating lights protect people's safety at construction sites. Our small DC motors have long been used for their high reliability.


Pump motors images

Pumps are used in various fields such as industrial equipment that handles gas or oil, and medical care. The motors used in this area are required to have an optimal design that can exert sufficient suction power.

Vending machine

Vending machine motors images

Vending machines found in the city are also one of the devices that use many motors. Motors are used in many applications, from bill slots to product ejection.

Office equipment


Printer motors images

Motors are used in printers and multifunction devices in offices for multiple purposes such as toner stirring, paper feeding and so on.


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