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Approach to the Quality


Support System of High Quality








Vision of Quality

 We aim for Zero Defect in order to provide our customers with reliable products and services .


Quality Policy

Basic Quality Policy
We intend to make the utmost efforts to enhance our customers’ satisfaction by providing our customers with high reliability, high quality, low cost, etc. on a timely basis through our continuous technical innovation and quality improvement.
Action Guideline for Quality Management
1. To fully understand a customer’s requirements and take quick and flexible actions.
2. All Igarashi employees need to fully understand our quality management system to be implemented in a timely manner.
3. To continuously review our quality management system for its improvement.
4. To enhance employees’ knowledge and abilities through continued personnel training.
5. To take environment and safety into consideration in product development, manufacturing, and sales.
6. To enhance the degree of design completion through the design reviews of the relevant departments, and eradicate latent defects.
Date of enactment
January 1st, 2014
Keiichi Igarashi
President & CEO
Igarashi Electric Works Ltd.

High Technology of Analysis and Evaluation 

 We act for further improvement of the quality by assurance of the reliability for a severe condition and by the solution of the difficulty problem basing on the high technology  analysis.









X ray CT system




Scanning Electron Microscope

 振動試験システム付恒温槽.JPG    測定顕微鏡.JPG


Temperature, Humidity & Vibration Combined Systems



Industrial Microscope

Global Quality Management System

We have been certificated TS16949 of the International Standard and we have realized quality that we shall meet demands of the world for building the Quality Management System that we had matched with ISO9001/14001.




Certification of ISO9001/IATF16949