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How to Read Performance Curves

Igarashi Electric Works motor performance can be adjusted to fit customer needs. Please contact an Igarashi Electric Works salesperson, or via this page, with any requests or questions.

Unit Conversion

Torque 1gf-cm=0.098mNm=0.014oz-in






How to Read Motor Performance

■Revolutions: N

The number of revolutions (unit: rpm) is indicated with a straight line. The revolution line shifts laterally depending on voltage increases or decreases.

Revolutions under no load (N0)
Revolutions under load (Nn)

Current: I

The current (unit: A) is indicated by a straight line, from no load condition to motor lock.

Current under no load (I0)
Current under load (In)
Current at lock (Is)

■Torque: T

The torque (unit: gf-cm) is the load borne by the motor shaft.
Choose an appropriate load for the motor.

Rated torque (Tn)  Lock torque (Ts)


The efficiency (unit: %) is calculated from the input and output values. To maximally leverage the performance of a motor, it should be used at near-peak efficiency.

Efficiency (η)=Output / input×100
Input(W)=motor terminal voltage (E)×current(I)


The output (unit: W) is the amount of mechanical energy output by the motor. It is calculated using the following formula:


  Performance Curves