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Product Information

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IG Motors

Modern scientific technologies, such as electronic technologies led by advances in semiconductor technologies, have produced countless innovative devices, making our lives more comfortable and convenient. Some of the important functions of these technologies, however, are supported by critical but inconspicuous compact DC motors. Like semiconductors, it is rare to find a commonly used device which does not contain one of these motors.

Since its foundation in 1952, Igarashi Electric Works Ltd. has responded to customer needs for over 60 years by supplying compact DC brush motors, geared motors, and other motor components for amateur use under the IG Motor (Igarashi Motor) brand, for use in automobiles, office equipment, home appliances, electric tools, and industrial equipment.

  IG Motors

Product Line

(1) Compact DC brush motors and geared motors

We carry motors in various sizes, such as compact, high performance flat motors, cylindrical motors, and geared motors, which combine these with gears.
The products listed on our Product Information page are just a sample of our full product line. We also develop motors tailored to customer needs. Please contact our sales division for more information.

  Compact DC brush motors and geared motors

(2) Motor components

In addition to complete motors, we also manufacture motor components to meet customer needs. These components include motors with accessories, case assemblies, end cap assemblies, amateur assemblies, and more. Our extensive track record includes numerous components, such as power window components, seat components, engine system components, and fuel intake pump components, for use in automobiles, with their exacting specifications. Please contact our sales division for more information.

  Motor components
    Motor components

(3) Consignment production

Igarashi Electric Works also provides consignment production for customer-designed motors and unit products. Please contact our sales division for more information.

Igarashi Electric Works uses environmentally-friendly product manufacturing of products, including products developed in the past, to provide customers with environmentally-friendly IG motors which are compliant with EC RoHS/EVL standards, helping conserve our irreplaceable global environment. For details, please see our Environment page.