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History of Igarashi Electric Works Ltd.

Rising from the Ashes

Overseas Expansion

Asian Market Reinforcement

Environmental Era

Towards the Future

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1946 Eiji Igarashi opens a toy and model motor manufacturing and sales company in Konya-machi, Kawasaki City


1952 In response to increased sales, the company is reorganized as a limited company and renamed "Igarashi Electric Works Ltd."
1956 Company first starts exports to the United States


1961 Head office plant built in Tode Hon-cho, Kawasaki City
1962 Company develops motors and controllers for use in model racing cars
1967 Agreement signed with US-based International Components Corporation to act as the sales agent for all Igarashi Electric products (The agreement was terminated in l997)
Company begins development of industrial motors


1971 Company develops lawn mower motors
1972 Kashiwazaki plant built in Niigata Prefecture
ICC Elektrobauelemente GmbH established
1973 Igarashi Electric Works (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong
Company develops motors for use in automobiles
1975 Company develops motors for use in power tools
1976 Kazuharu Igarashi appointed president
Company develops motors for use in instant cameras
1977 Company develops motors for use in office equipment
1978 Korea IG Motor Co., Ltd established as joint venture in Republic of Korea (joint venture terminated in 1988)


1984 Igarashi Electric Works (Heng Gang) Factory established in the People's Republic of China
1987 Company develops high-voltage motors


1993  “CG Igarashi Motors Ltd.,” established in Madras, India as joint venture with  Crompton Greaves Ltd.
1995 Motor sales company in Germany established a capital relationship with "ICC Elektrobauelemente GmbH Europe" and the company name changed to "ICC Igarashi Motoren GmbH"
"Igarashi Motor Sales USA, LLC" established in Chicago, USA
1998 "Igarashi Electric Works Shanghai" established in Shanghais, People Republic of China as a sales office 
“CG Igarashi Motors Ltd.,” in India has obtained the ISO9002 and QS9000
Company name of "ICC Igarashi Motoren GmbH" changed to "Igarashi Motoren GmbH" in Germany


2000 Igarashi Motoren GmbH (in Germany) specializes in sales of in-house motors
Motor case factory established in the Heng Gang China Factory
2001 Technical Center constructed in head office (October)
2002 Igarashi Electric Works Ltd. celebrates 50th anniversary
Igarashi Electric Works (H.K.) Ltd. and Heng Gang China Factory receive ISO9001 certification
2003 Head office, Kashiwazaki Plant, Igarashi Electric Works (H.K.) Ltd. and Heng Gang China Factory receive ISO14001 certification
Igarashi Electric Works (H.K.) Ltd. and Heng Gang China Factory receive QS9000 certification
2004 Igarashi Electric India Private Limited and Igarashi Technologies Private Limited established in India

Igarashi Electric Works (H.K.) Ltd. and Heng Gang China Factory receive TS16949 certification

Head office and Kashiwazaki Plant receive ISO9001 certification

2006 Kashiwazaki, China, and India plants expanded
2008 Igarashi Electric Works and Bosch GmbH establish joint venture to develop and manufacture autmotive motors in India


2010 Zhuhai factory begins production
2011 Kashiwazaki Plant production of PSD/PTG motors reaches 1 million mark
2012 Capital partnership with South Korea's Baesung Mechatronics Co., Ltd. (Asan City, Chungnam; President Dong-Keun Park)
Joint venture company established
Formulated medium-term management plan (2013-2015)
2013 Independent funding of Yat Yue Industrial (Long Gang ) Factory
Changed name to Yat Yue Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
2014 Keiichi Igarashi appointed president
2015 Agile Electric Sub Assembly Private Limited (an Indian company) was acquired and made into an affiliate


Kashiwazaki plant expanded


Formulated 2nd medium-term management plan