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About Igarashi Electric Works


<Creating the Future>


Since its establishment, Igarashi Electric Works, as a dedicated compact motor manufacturer, has engaged in business not only within Japan but on a global scale. This has been thanks to the support of our customers and all of our stakeholders, to whom I wish to express my deep gratitude.


The market is changing at an ever-faster rate, and market needs are diversifying.


Since the start, the fundamental mission of Igarashi Electric Works has been to develop, manufacture, and sell products based on customer needs. We will continue to actively listen to our customers, flexibly and speedily responding to changes, and providing the products and services they need, so that we can earn the even greater satisfaction and trust of our customers and become a company which others truly rely on.



President Keiichi Igarashi


Igarashi Electric Works has also positioned increased employee satisfaction as one of its key management indices. We believe that creating a workplace where employees can actively and cheerfully operate is important to provide customers with high levels of service. The entire company is working as one to create workplace environments which are rewarding to employees, where they can work with ease and a sense of security.


Our company's future success will be achieved by our employees working as one, led by the shared goal of creating together, and contributing to society through the actions of our company.


We look forward to your continued patronage and support.


President & CEO Keiichi Igarashi

Company Philosophy

- We will devote ourselves wholly to “customer-first” policy.
- We will endeavor to improve social life with our skills, products and services trusted by customers.
- We will continue to create the prosperous future of people and the earth.





Medium-term Management Objectives=Super “IG3”(IG Cubed)

Super IG cube


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